About AgeWell

All are welcome. We are particularly interested in recruiting African American, Caribbean, and Hispanic/Latino adults over the age of 50 and across the lifespan.
The purpose is to provide the public with opportunities to participate in health research to improve wellbeing among culturally diverse adults 50 years and older and across the lifespan, particularly African American, Latino/Hispanic and Caribbean. However all are welcome!
Once registered you will be emailed quarterly about new research opportunities occurring within the state of Florida, the National Institute on Aging, and the National Institute on Health.
Your contact information will be kept private and only shared with the AgeWell organizations. Your participation will be kept private and protected to the fullest extent provided by law. We will not include your information in any report we publish.
There is minimal risk in participating in the registry potentially related to breach of confidentiality. All databases will be stored on secure servers with security measures established to keep participants’ information private. We will also have monthly fidelity checks and protocol reviews. Any suspected data or information breach will be reported to the appropriate officials at each institution and to the National Institute on Aging.
There are no costs to participate.